Jumbo Digits Atomic Wall Clock


Need a large digital wall clock that’s both modern and functional? Here it is!

With the time displayed in 7″ numbers and the month, date, and weekday in 3 1/4″ digits, this clock gives you great visibility from anywhere in the room.

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Product Description

Choose from 4 US time zones, and the clock sets the date and time automatically. Or, you can choose to set them manually. Don’t worry about Daylight Savings Time–the clock makes the switch automatically so you don’t have to remember to do it. Displays the time in your choice of 12 (AM/PM) or 24 hours. Even has a timer/alarm with snooze!

Perfect in a gym or exercise room where work-outs are timed. Or in the Board Room where meetings run on tight schedules. Great gift for the elderly or those with diminished vision.

Wall mounted (hardware NOT included) or free-standing (with built-in foldout table stand)

Power Requirements: 3 “C” LR14 alkaline batteries (not included)

Dimensions:  15.35″ L x 1.57″ W x 19.09″ H

Weight: 6.4 lbs


Feature Summary:

  • Large 7  inch Time display.
  • Large 3 1/4 inch calendar: Month, Date, Day
  • 12/24-hour  time selectable
  • Atomic  Time and Date with manual set option
  • Four  Time Zones: Eastern, Central, Mountain, & Pacific
  • Daylight  Saving automatically updates (On/Off option)
  • Time  alarm with snooze

Additional Info:

  • This clock does NOT have a backlight for night use (runs on battery power only)
  • 5-minute snooze button on alarm feature–repeat up to 7x
  • Position clock with the front or back facing Fort Collins, Colorado for best WWVB atomic reception
  • Batteries should be dated 7 years in advance for best results
  • A minimum voltage of 1.48V for each battery is necessary for proper performance.
  • Use good name brand batteries: make less noise, which reduces the chance of RF (radio frequency) interference from the battery compartment.


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