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Browsing through the wide selection of home clocks available here in our clock shop, you’ll easily find high-quality clocks to accent your home décor. Our large variety of decorative wall clocks makes it easy for you to create stylish wall décor that your guests will surely admire. Choose from our many unique clock options, such as a projection alarm clock or a variety of beautiful decorative wall clocks. Shop a variety of hand carved cuckoo clocks from the Black Forest of Germany. Or make your life a little easier with the many benefits of an atomic digital clock.

Have fun decorating every room in your home with an attractive and functional clock found here on our website! You’ll especially love the sleek digital wall clocks we offer. These clocks are perfect for adding a little ‘convenience’ to your home by serving as a calendar and thermometer too–all while keeping you on time. They even double as alarm clocks and desk clocks! Create a warm, cozy environment for your guests with our kitchen-themed clocks. Brighten up your kids’ rooms while teaching them to tell time with our colorful children’s wall clocks. Remember too—clocks make wonderful gifts for the special people in your life. Imagine the smiles on their faces when they open your gift of a beautiful clock from our shop!



silver atomic digital projection alarm clock

Alarm Clocks

Wake up to music, the temperature outside, and more. Find the perfect alarm clock to make the “dreaded hour” easier.

cuckoo clock chalet style with woodchopper

Cuckoo Clocks

Rich wood carvings, animated figurines, cuckoo calls, and melodies add show-stopping intrigue to traditional decor.

wood desk clock with carvings, Roman numerals, and chimes

Desk Clocks

Save wall space while adding style and elegance to your home decor. Easily move your table clock anywhere in your room to achieve a fresh look.

atomic digital clock with cherry wood panels on each side

Digital Clocks

Packed with powerful, life-enhancing features that simplify your busy life and conveniently keep you up-to-date.

decorative wall clock featuring a teapot and tea cups/saucers on a light blue background

 Wall Clocks

Save money and wall space by combining functionality and art work for a 2-in-1 effect.

With so many fantastic clocks to choose from, you’ll have no trouble decorating your home with style. Whether you’re interested in alarm clocks, or you want an eight day cuckoo clock to adorn your wall instead, you’ll love the wide selection of clocks we offer here on our website. Shop Nothin’ But Clocks and find great deals on clocks for every room in your home!


The right clock in the right location can make or break the design statement of an entire room. With their chimes, musical tunes, and cuckoo sounds, clocks can set the tone no matter what space they occupy. Clocks enhance your interior décor by adding style and character to your room. Serving as both a valuable timepiece and a work of art, a clock is a priceless addition to every room in your home. Wall clocks are perfect for filling up an empty void on your wall. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials, making them an intriguing addition to your home décor. Doubling as art pieces, wall clocks can tie together an entire room.

Artistic, Themed Wall Clocks      

When it comes to adding decorative wall clocks to your home, Nothin’ But Clocks offers a wide assortment of themed, artistic wall clocks to match almost any theme you desire. They’re conveniently available in various sizes, mostly round, though some are rectangular in shape. These wall clocks are made of MDF wood. This is a special type of wood that is resistant to warping and cracking in areas of high humidity. So they are well-suited to kitchens, bathrooms, or any other room in your home!

  • Kitchens

When it comes to your kitchen, you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Country style wall clocks in your kitchen create coziness and add a bit of relaxed, homey charm to your kitchen. Remember, kitchen wall clocks are constantly exposed to higher temperatures and humidity from cooking. So you’ll want to stick with

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metal, plastic, or MDF wood, which is less likely to warp in time.

A colorful wall clock with hand-painted details adds charm and eye-popping appeal to your kitchen. They also make great conversation pieces while entertaining your guests. Consider a fruit themed wall clock, one with a coffee theme, or perhaps a wall clock that features beautifully hand-painted china and tea cups to brighten up your kitchen wall. You can even use your wall clock to remind everyone just how hard you work in the kitchen!

  • Bathrooms

Bathrooms are another room in the home to benefit from a functional wall clock. Most bathrooms already have a color theme, so you’ll want to look for a wall clock that blends with your room color. Wall clocks with beautiful floral designs are great for the bathroom. They are delicate, colorful, and clean-looking. If you already have enough color in your bathroom, try a more neutral floral design on your wall clock. Or maybe you’d prefer a wall clock in your bathroom that reflects an antique, vintage look.

  • Childrens’ Wall Clocks

For the kids’ room, look for decorative wall clocks that are colorful, vibrant and energetic. Shop our collection of themed clocks and choose a wall clock that expresses your child’s interests, such as ballet or teddy bears. Help them proudly display their love for sports, such as baseball, tennis, and basketball. Or simply grace the walls of their room with a wall clock showing all their athletic interests. Watch your child’s eyes light up with a wall clock that’s personalized with their name, special date, or team events! What a fun way to teach your children to tell time!

  • Hobby and Entertainment Rooms

Why not use decorative wall clocks to display your hobbies and interests to all who visit your home? Have fun keeping track of the time while you’re busy sewing or crafting with the Sewing Room Decorative Wall Clock on the wall of your sewing room. Make sure everyone knows you love golf by displaying a golf ball as your wall clock! Do you have a special place in your heart for the beach? Why not carve out a special place in your home décor for the Adirondack Summer Wall Clock? Power-packed with colorful, artistic detail, this beautiful wall clock adds a vibrant accent to your wall. Add a little inspiration to your home with the Lighthouse Inspirational Wall Clock. You can even personalize it with your own favorite inspirational quote! The possibilities for decorating your home with unique and personal themed wall clocks are vast indeed!


 Neon Wall Clocks

To add a little fun and “light up” your home, try a neon wall clock in any room. Framed by a single layer of hand-made neon lights, these wall clocks come in many neon colors and themes. “Wow” your friends on poker night and spark some fun conversations with the 15” Play Poker Neon Wall Clock. Beautifully detailed with a deck of cards, poker chips, even a pile of money! Exhausted and stressed when you get home from work? Calm down with the soothing blue neon lights of a wall clock featuring a peaceful dolphin scene. Bring home and share a little souvenir from your vacation with the Las Vegas Strip Neon Wall Clock  


Digital Wall Clocks

Sleek, modern, and functional, digital wall clocks are loaded with multiple features to make your life easier. An atomic digital clock sets the time and adjusts itself automatically, so you don’t need to remember to set your clock. Be prepared for Mother Nature by monitoring the outdoor temperature on your digital wall clock. Conveniently use your wall clock instead of your calendar to remind yourself of the date. Perfect for those with memory loss or poor vision, the Jumbo Digits Atomic Wall Clock is easily seen from across the room.


Pendulum Wall ClocksThe Antique Cherry Oak Chiming Pendulum Wall Clock is finished in an antique cherry oak stain. The top pediment is arched, carved columns line each long side and are capped in polished brass. A square clock dial is white and features black Roman numerals and clock hands. The swinging lyre pendulum and brass bob are encased in decoratively etched glass.

For those with narrow or limited wall space, a pendulum wall clock is a perfect addition to your room. A beautiful expression of grandeur and sophistication, a pendulum wall clock is a dynamic element in your home decor. The continuous motion of the pendulum is mesmerizing and relaxing. Because of their formal nature, pendulum wall clocks look best in a traditional décor setting, perhaps in a living room or foyer. Benefit from “hearing” the time from any room in your home with the chiming of a pendulum wall clock every quarter hour. Choose from a variety of wood stains to match or complement your existing wood decor. The Golden Oak Chiming Pendulum Wall Clock is gorgeous with its warm, golden oak finish and lattice-patterned protective front glass. For a taste of sheer elegance on your wall, consider the Antique Cherry Oak Finish Chiming Pendulum Wall Clock. Long and slender, this beautiful wall clock is finished in a darker cherry oak stain and adorned with polished brass accents and protective glass. If your existing home décor is more modern than traditional, consider adding the Contemporary Round Pendulum Wall Clock to your room for a look that’s both cute and elegant. This decorative wall clock is uniquely finished in solid black oak with a circular pendulum to attract all who pass by. If you like the modern look but prefer a swinging pendulum, the Chiming Pendulum Clock with Chocolate Oak Finish is worthy of your attention. This pendulum wall clock is richly stained in dark chocolate oak. With its polished brass dial and pendulum, this wall clock captures the eye and captivates all with its stark contrast.


Cuckoo Wall Clocks      

Cuckoo clocks have a timelessness that will never go out of style. They lend a traditional beauty and feel to any room in your home. With their wood carvings and intricately detailed cottage-style scenes, cuckoo wall clocks are fascinating to gaze upon. Nothin’ But Clocks offers cuckoo clocks for sale that are handmade by a master craftsman in the Black Forest of Germany. Each of these hand carved cuckoo clocks is made from local Linden wood. Cuckoo clocks are also equipped with a shut-off switch for silencing at night. Every hour, the cuckoo bird emerges from a swinging door to “call” the time with his cuckoos. A musical cuckoo clock even plays melodies after the cuckoo bird is done. Enjoy the animation each hour on the hour when the woodchopper chops his wood, the dancers go round, and a waterwheel turns! Place a cuckoo clock on your wall and enjoy the show!

Nothin’ But Clocks is dedicated to bringing you an ever-growing selection of clock décor for your home. We want you to have many clock options from which to choose as you decorate your home with style and personality. We offer competitive pricing and FREE SHIPPING on all orders to the lower 48 United States. Shop Nothin’ But Clocks and find great deals on wall clocks for every room!

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